J. Landis Martin


Platte River Equity mourns the loss of our founder, partner and friend, Lanny Martin, who passed away on Friday, September 1, 2023.

Lanny was a remarkable individual, business and community leader and philanthropist.  The magnitude of his impact and influence on the people he encountered and worked with throughout his 77 years is incalculable, and he will be sorely missed by so many, including his colleagues at Platte River Equity.  Lanny will have a lasting impact on all of us who knew and worked closely with him.

After two successful careers, first as a partner at Kirkland & Ellis and then serving as CEO of three public companies, Lanny founded Platte River Equity in 2006.  His vision was for the firm to be a different type of private equity investor, bringing industry knowledge, operating experience and significant capital from its principals to help management teams build their organizations and drive growth they wouldn’t have been able to achieve on their own. 

Platte River Equity will be a defining element of Lanny’s personal and professional legacy, having established the firm’s philosophy of investing for the long-term, doing the right thing, the right way and treating people fairly.  These principles serve as the foundation of Platte River’s philosophical approach to private equity investing and the firm’s culture, including the importance of family, community involvement and creating a rewarding place to work.  The Platte River team continues to carry on Lanny’s important legacy in all aspects of our business.

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