Platte River Equity ("Platte River") is pleased to announce the formation of its Executive Advisor Network to support its portfolio companies and their management teams.  With the firm's continued growth and ongoing goal of serving as a differentiated and value-added partner to its portfolio companies, Platte River formed this network of accomplished senior executives who will serve as independent directors for its portfolio company boards.

The Executive Advisor Network will initially include John Schoch and Luis Gomez, both of whom have been former CEOs and board members of Platte River portfolio companies.  In addition, Platte River has recruited Marvin Riley, former CEO of EnPro Industries (NYSE: NPO); Cathy Piche, current Executive Vice President of Crown Castle (NYSE: CCI); and Mary Jackson, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy, Retired, to join its Executive Advisor Network.  Platte River has also established relationships with additional executives who will join future portfolio company boards.

"The formation of the Executive Advisor Network builds on Platte River's long-standing approach to bringing unique insights and operational value to its portfolio companies.  We are excited to welcome Marvin, Cathy and Mary to the Platte River team and look forward to expanding this network over time," said Peter Calamari, Platte River Managing Director.


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