Since our founding in 2006, Platte River Equity ("Platte River") has been committed to the companies that drive the American economy – the so-called Engines of America.  These are the businesses we embrace; the ones who operate behind the scenes, receiving less public recognition than they deserve given their invaluable contributions to the country's growth.  As a positive force, the Engines of America drive change, adoption, and profitability, but they also work to achieve a delicate balance between competitive advantages and the interests of the investor, the executive, the manager, and the employee.  Industry, communities, and families that cohabitate in this special place in America represent the change that has driven the most successful country in history.

We are unwaveringly dedicated to partnering with companies that are delivering exceptional value while upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and growth.  Across many industries, many sectors, and many stories we find success lies in our center, our heart, and our hope for the future.

Over the next several months, Platte River will embark on an initiative with our portfolio company leaders (past and present) to discuss what it means to create – through business building, innovation and entrepreneurship – enterprises that serve as the Engine of America. Below we highlight our latest investment, TIPCO Technologies.

Founded in Baltimore, Maryland, TIPCO Technologies has been at the forefront of hydraulic and industrial hose fitting solutions for over a century.  With a workforce of 330 employees across 13 states, TIPCO embodies the spirit of American industrialization – playing a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of the nation's infrastructure.

At TIPCO, we understand that the efficiency of America's infrastructure – from water treatment plants to energy grids – relies heavily on the proper functioning of hydraulic systems, a crucial yet often underappreciated facet of industrial operations.  As specialists in hoses and fittings, TIPCO ensures that the vital flow of fluids necessary for infrastructure projects is maintained, making us a silent yet essential component of America's industrial engine. 

Our commitment to excellence is guided by four fundamental principles: 

People:  At TIPCO, we believe that our solutions are only as good as the people behind them. Our team's expertise in handling high-pressure applications not only ensures operational safety but also environmental integrity.  Continuous training and development are paramount as we prepare our workforce today to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Growth:  We gauge our success by our capacity for growth.  Developing sustainable, long-lasting solutions for our clients signifies our forward momentum.  We see growth not just as a goal but as an indicator of our ongoing relevance and impact in the industries we serve. 

Partnerships:  Our history and future are built on the strength of our partnerships.  By aligning with strategic suppliers and stakeholders, TIPCO delivers exceptional value – providing top-tier products and services, which ensures mutual success.

Innovation:  We proudly proclaim that "technology is on our name," underscoring our commitment to digital innovation.  Collaborating closely with our strategic partners, we continually improve our products, services, and TIPCO e-Store offerings to deliver greater efficiency, safety, and performance for our customers.  Our proactive embrace of technology equips the TIPCO team to serve our diverse customer base and various markets more effectively. 

These principles are brought to life through our robust innovation loop, where products such as hoses are not only supplied but also enhanced through thoughtful analysis and technological integration.  Our Chief Digital Officer leads this charge, emphasizing the importance of cutting-edge technologies in revolutionizing our workflows.

Despite the challenges of modernizing traditional industries and attracting a new generation of workers, TIPCO remains committed to this mission.  We are cultivating a culture where employees think like owners, fostering an environment ripe with innovation and growth.

TIPCO is proud to continue serving as a foundational pillar of American industry.  We are not just a company with a storied past; we are a dynamic, future-focused leader driving America forward.  Here's to remaining at the forefront of America's industrial sector through 2088, our 200-year anniversary, and beyond as a true Engine of America!

- Rob Lyons & Brad Marshall, Co-CEOs of TIPCO


Founded in 1888, TIPCO is a value-added distributor of fluid conveyance and sealing solutions, operating from 30 strategic locations across the United States. The Company serves a variety of end markets including infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation, government, agriculture/forestry, and energy. TIPCO’s long-standing presence in the market is underpinned by its commitment to technology, channel alignment, and customer-oriented solutions.


Lauren Metz

Vice President of Business Development


Tess McGovern

Business Development Associate



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