Platte River Equity ("Platte River") has developed a repeatable playbook that seeks to drive long-term value at its portfolio companies, enabling the firm to move quickly and with high conviction through diligence on new opportunities and to serve as what we believe makes Platte River a differentiated partner to business owners. The portfolio operations team remains engaged as an internal operational resource throughout Platte River's investment lifecycle, partnering with management on key strategic and operational initiatives.

The Platte River operations group's recent LEAN Operations Toolkit training event for the firm's portfolio company operating executives serves as a good example of this partnership. The team focused on value stream mapping, identification and elimination of the "eight wastes", performing accurate time studies and instituting kaizen principles. We believe instilling LEAN principals and methodologies into our businesses can create a sustainable competitive advantage. While many of our portfolio companies have already embraced these principles, this event was an opportunity to dive deeper into an exercise that allowed them to fully appreciate LEAN's operational benefits.

The weeklong LEAN experience concluded after the operating executives shared ideas of where they could put these learnings to use at their respective companies.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this initiative or Platte River's broader portfolio operations strategy.​​​​​​​


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