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Jul 2016

Realized Date

Dec 2020

Sold to

J.F. Lehman & Company

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, CTS is a leader in maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) and testing services to owners and operators of commercial jet engines worldwide. The company specializes in the overhaul of General Electric CF6‑80C2, CF6-80A and CF6-50 engines, as well as the Pratt & Whitney PW2000.  In its 60,000 square foot Ft. Lauderdale engine service center, CTS utilizes a complete set of in-house machinery and tooling to provide its customers with full-service MRO support. In its 155,000 pound-force commercial engine test facility located in Jupiter, FL, CTS is the industry leader in independent high thrust commercial engine testing.

“Over the years, we have made significant investments in our capabilities, our people and our equipment, becoming a truly one-stop shop MRO solution for our customers. With the collaboration and support of Platte River, we look forward to executing on our growth plans to better serve our legacy engine customers and to address the wave of next generation engine programs as they enter the market.”

Brian Neff, Chairman

CTS Engines

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