Addison, IL



Investment Status


Investment Date

Apr 2018

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Roselle, IL, DTE provides powertrain and transmission repair and maintenance services for customers in the energy, industrial and mining end markets. As an independent, national provider of these services, DTE repairs all major OEM platforms, including Allison, Caterpillar and Twin Disc. The company operates service centers covering all major U.S. shale basins and mining regions and manages an inventory of company-owned and customer-provided powertrains and transmissions.

Add-On Acquisition Criteria

Ideal Target Characteristics

Remanufacturing, repair & maintenance,
specialty in-shop machining






End Markets Served

Energy, infrastructure, mining

“We look forward to partnering with Platte River and will benefit from the firm’s significant experience with businesses serving the oilfield and mining end markets. We are especially excited to continue to grow our team of technicians to keep up with demand for our services, enter new geographies and expand the services we offer to both current and new customers.”

Dave Horvath, CEO

Dealers Transmission Exchange

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