Morgan City, LA



Investment Status


Investment Date

Aug 2010

Realized Date

Oct 2013

Sold to

Intertek Group plc

Global X-Ray is a specialized provider of quantitative non-destructive testing and evaluation solutions for the major oil and gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico and other key domestic energy markets. The company holds expertise in the fields of automated ultrasonic inspection, gamma and x-ray radiography, ultrasonic flaw detection, thickness gauging, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, internal pipeline x-ray and erosion / corrosion evaluation for the inspection of pipelines and offshore production and drilling platforms.

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“We have benefited tremendously from the strategic and financial support Platte River has provided. We were able to focus our innovation and technical expertise on an expanded geographic region and customer base, and Platte River was a critical partner in our success.”

Chris Moreau, CEO

Global X-Ray

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