Irwindale, CA
Derry, PA



Investment Status


Investment Date

Nov 2011

Realized Date

Aug 2019

Sold to

Tinicum L.P.

With operating facilities in Irwindale, CA and Derry, PA, PRV Metals manufactures and supplies forged and rolled titanium, stainless steel products and other specialty alloys for the commercial aerospace, defense, medical, energy and industrial sectors.  The company specializes in flat and round bar and plate products, as well as hot rolling, forging, conditioning, heat treating and machining.

“Platte River has been an excellent partner for PRV Metals, having supported our business from day one and having invested in initiatives to drive the Company’s long-term growth. We thank the Platte River team for its support and partnership over the years."

Craig Culaciati, CEO

PRV Metals

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