Farmers Branch, TX



Investment Status


Investment Date

Feb 2023

Founded in 1953, Womack is a value-added industrial distributor of components and solutions for hydraulic, pneumatic and automation control systems serving a diverse customer base across 13 facilities.

Add-On Acquisition Criteria

Ideal Target Characteristics

Distribution of fluid power and automation system components






End Markets Served

Industrial, infrastructure, mining and energy

"We have known the Platte River team for a number of years and are excited to partner with them given their track record, industrial distribution expertise and culture. We look forward to expanding the service and support we provide to our suppliers and customers and plan to leverage Platte River's extensive experience to continue our strong growth trajectory. We could not be more excited about this partnership and the alignment of our strong cultures."

Matt Oldroyd, CEO


Testimonials are provided to demonstrate the benefits of working with the Platte River team. They are not provided to solicit limited partners in a Platte River Fund. Some portfolio company executives featured in the testimonials may also have an Interest in a Platte River Fund; such executives’ testimonials are not offered on the basis of being an investor in a Platte River Fund but rather as an executive who works with the Platte River team.


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